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Frankwell in View

  • Frankwell in View

A collaborative book celebrating the heritage and green spaces of the community of Frankwell in Shrewsbury including artworks by Anne Bremridge, Sandra Fisher, Amanda Hillier, Andrew Howe, Jim Sadler, Jancis Vaughan and Jennifer Wallace. Artworks include drawings, prints, collages and photographs

Profits from sales of the book will be donated to the Shrewsbury Food Hub, an environmental charity which redistributes surplus food from retailers in Shrewsbury to community groups that can make good use of it. This avoids food waste, saves community groups on average 30% of their food budget, helps alleviate food poverty and helps build a resilient community network of food knowledge and skills.

A5 landscape, 52 full colour pages on 150gsm uncoated paper, with 300gsm silk coated paperback cover